A dialogue between Sicily and Tambacounda

Giovanni Hänninen & Alberto Amoretti

Senegal/Sicily is a series of short documentaries. Every short doc has the aim to tell a different point of view on the theme of migration between Senegal and Sicily. Those who leave have little, and sometimes wrong, information on the steps and obstacles that the journey entails. Senegal/Sicily wants to create awareness in the people of Europe and America about thoughts, dreams and experiences of the migrants and of their relatives who remained in Senegal, the project also aims to bring to the young people of Tambacounda region, who are thinking of embarking on the journey, a sincere account of the risks of the journey and whats happening in Europe to the people who have arrived.




The first documentary of the series is a dialogue between a mother, Aisadou, speaking from her village in the eastern part of Senegal, and her son Alpha in Sicily who has left home to nd a better future. Aisadou lives in Sinthian, a village in the region of Tambacounda, one of the poorest in Senegal. This is where the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation built Thread, a community center and artists’ residence. Alpha lives in Mazzarino, a small town in the center of Sicily. Mother and son speak about their hopes and their regrets; Aisadou talks of the worries of every mother and Alpha about the hardships he has faced.


Created for The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation and Le Korsa

Video / Photo: Alberto Amoretti and Giovanni Hänninen